Jennifer L. Newman, LCSW

1 Jennifer Newman, LCSW is currently licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in the state of Delaware and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  She offers both face-to-face and teletherapy sessions.  She obtained her MSW from the Smith College School for Social Work.  She currently provides individual, group, family, couples, elder, and child/tween/adolescent therapy bringing over 18 years of professional experience to her work.

Ms. Newman specializes in working with children/tweens, beginning her play therapy practice with children as young as two years of age.  Her diverse, multicultural experiences in community mental health and school settings and excellent training and education has added to what she now provides to clients in private practice. 

Ms. Newman works from a strengths-based, holistic approach utilizing researched-based practices, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.  She fosters an environment of acceptance and trust, and she emphasizes to clients the importance that they feel they are experiencing a "good fit" in therapy.  She works from a client-centered approach, meaning that she "meets each client where they are." 

Over the years, Ms. Newman has helped clients address a myriad of issues.  Some include assistance with symptoms related to ADD/ADHD, school or work stressors, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, trauma, adjustments, parent-child/family/marital/couples/dating, peer relationship issues, and self-esteem. 

Ms. Newman is empathic, open-minded, creative, caring, and dynamic.  She has a knack for being able to look at a situation from several different perspectives.  Goals are created together in the beginning of therapy, collaboratively.  Ms. Newman will try her best to foster growth, positive changes, and empower and facilitate clients in reaching their goals.

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